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Website Pricing | Online Marketing Price Plans

Written by 6 String Creations.

St. Louis Website Prices vary greatly depending on your needs and plan of attack. website-pricesCutting to the chase, we do not provide our services based on "price packages". While this works for some, our business model is to figure in the minimum amount needed monthly to cover our labor, then we factor that in with a conversation based on your realistic profit goals and charge a low percentage of that for our ongoing marketing services. Generally that falls into the range of 10% - 20% of your desired online profit. The bottom line is, if someone offered you a $50 bill for a $10 bill, you wouldn't think twice about it, right? The list below reflects the ideal 6 String Creations successful business relationship.

  • 6 String Creations charges nothing to build your website. That is only a very small front end part of a much larger ongoing relationship as we watch your business grow over time.
  • The ideal client relationship looks for leads to profit them multiple $1,000's monthly. So a minimum to properly market and achieve that will be $500 monthly / $6000 annually.
  • The ideal client relationship would understand that it takes months to climb in rank and maintaining that rank is ongoing. A one year commitment is required.
  • The ideal client relationship understands that a one time build for a site that needs to generate leads without ongoing marketing is almost assuredly a failed venture.
  • The ideal client relationship understands that with the amount of competition online, failing to market online even for a week or two can result in major drops in rank and leads.
  • Much time and attention goes into proper marketing of their new website and the client needs experienced professionals to make success a reality.
  • We will still build sites as a one time one fee project if it is determined that that is all the client needs, or if the client insists on passing on ongoing marketing. The fee for a one time build starts at $1500 and may vary based on hours needed to invest in the project.

Still with us? Good! So there you have it. We're upfront about everything, zero hidden charges ever, no bronze, silver, and gold plans. Simply put, we cover our labor hours and charge a small percentage of your desired profit margin. Fill out the contact form to the right and contact us today to discuss this in detail to start generating leads and grow your business online ASAP!

What does a website cost? I don't need a lot of pages or anything fancy.

This is the most common question I'm asked next to "How much does it cost to build a website?". piggy-bankWhen a client asks these sorts of questions, it tells me one of two things. That they either need help in understanding the steps to a successful lead generating website, or they're just looking for something dirt cheap hoping some magic sprinkling of pixie dust coding will generate traffic and business without ever touching or maintaining it. Any website built with the desire to increase exposure and generate leads for a business will be unsuccessful out of the box if not promoted and marketed on an ongoing basis. Simply put, there are two types of websites. I'll explain each.

  • The Showcase Website
    This type of website is generally well suited for organizations or groups who benefit from giving info to the general public from their site as a means of promotion but not sales. These groups benefit from their site by using it basically as a business card. A point in conversation where you say, "Oh by the way, check out our website for lists, galleries, dates, and updated information.". Anyone fitting into this group would not generally benefit from the marketing of their site and would not gain much from being found on search engines for exposure. Additionally, groups in this category are generally already well known and people seek them out as opposed to the other way around. The need for this type of site is rare at best. People who would likely use this sort of site would be:
    • Musicians, Bands, and Various Entertainers
    • Nightclubs
    • Radio Stations
    • Celebrities
    • Television Stations
    • Media Outlets
  • The Lead Generation Business Website
    This type of website is generally trying to continually grow their business, foot traffic, and client base. They need to be found by people who need the service they provide but do not have enough information on their company or have never heard of them. They ideally seek consumers searching for the specific service that they provide. The consumer will generally do this by turning to the search engines, more times than not using Google. The owner of this type of site needs their site to rank well in those specific searches, turning into traffic, then traffic turning into leads or business. Click here for a deeper understanding of the process of and need for ongoing website marketing. Businesses that would benefit from this sort of website would be:
    • Service Industry Oriented (Roofers / Construction / Dental / Chiropractic)
    • E-Commerce Stores Who Sell Product Online
    • Legal Fields
    • Real Estate and Property Management
    • Brick And Mortar Storefronts Looking to Sell And Ship Products Nationwide or Worldwide
    • Basically, Any Business Looking To Grow And Profit From Finding New Customers Via The Web

Before I Make This Investment, How Do I Know I'll Get The Attention I Deserve?

Our business model in regards to client care is simple. We are a small company. We keep a small client base, usually between 10-20 ongoing clients. trustIf at any point every one of our members on staff reaches a full workload of 40 billable client hours per week, we stop taking on new business. Many businesses say yes to every account that will sign, and have on average less employee man hours available per week than the ratio of hours they're billing for. This leaves clients with developers assigned to their accounts who are stretched far too thin, and billing for more work than they're doing. As a reassurance to every client we take on, know that you will get the following on a monthly basis as a minimum:

Again, please don't hesitate to call us or contact us today using the form on the right to get started and make your online presence pay off.