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Written by 6 String Creations.

New Website Design marks the birth of your most effective internet marketing tool. A successful website starts from the second someone lands on your homepage. So it goes without saying that it has to look GOOD. There are also a few key factors involved beyond just aesthetics. Pieces of information that should show above the fold on each and every page. It's also important to note that your website be balanced in it's look. Graphics can't be too large or too small. Text must remain readable. Below is a short video and some tips on how 6 String Creations St. Louis Web Design and SEO Marketing can help develop your website so that it not only looks amazing but converts website visitors into customers!



green check mark bullet pointNew Web Designs That Catch The Eye -

Filippo's Chesterfield Italian Cuisine - Website Built in November 2011It takes a lot of time and work to make a website look sensational but it also takes a great eye and years of design experience. Art has always been something that has come naturally to me and I refuse to put a website live on the web until it looks spectacular to both my eyes AND the client's. This being said, heavy graphical elements, flash, and other items that can put a burden on your website's load time must be taken into consideration. When creating a new web design it is always my process to create a stunning canvas aimed and generating you more business, then going back and optimizing it to the utmost degree so that it loads FAST! You only have so long to please a potential customer so the motto here is "Get their attention and get it fast."

green check mark bullet pointMake Your New Website Build Reflect Your Brand -

Does your website reflect your brand? An even better question, do you even HAVE a brand yet? In this age of internet marketing a brand is crucial. Unless you work in an industry with virtually zero competition, people need to distinguish you from the other sharks in the sea. Your brand can encompass many different elements. A jingle, the color scheme of your logo, a mascot, your company font. This begs further questions such as, have you been original in your branding? Have you taken the time to develop (or have a professional develop) your company font? my-sweet-revenge-cupcakesSelecting a trendy "font of the moment" can really shoot you in the foot in the not so distant future, especially if others are liking them just as much as you. I've seen many new businesses websites using the "Lobster" font. I've also seen a trend in newer bands and musical acts all jumping on the "Bleeding Cowboys" font bandwagon. Yet another offender, a myriad of businesses from florists to day care centers I've seen using the "Papyrus" font. Sometimes I wonder if they even realize that was developed for the movie Avatar.
The point being, you have to be selective in your company branding. You need to find something that makes you stand out from the pack and THEN make sure that you let us incorporate it into your design of your new  web build. If this all seems like too much info to absorb, or you're afraid you may become one of these offenders if left to your own devices, then please give us a call. Our job is to help build a new website for your St. Louis business that you may not have time to build and brand properly on your own.

green check mark bullet pointHow To Rank Well On Google? Fresh Authoritative Content! -

These days there are many shortcuts being taken when creating content for a new website. Perhaps the biggest offense is thinking, "I don't have time to write all of this. I'm going to go to another already made site in my industry, copy and paste their text into my site and be done with it." A lot of us have been guilty of it in the past at one point or another, but what many don't realize, is that the mighty Google who determine so much of our success or failure on the web, have put into place something called a "Duplicate Content Ban". This means if you are caught stealing borrowing content of any kind, especially textual content written by another author, your site and your business can be banned from their search listings anywhere from a few months, to a year, to indefinitely.
abrasive-santblasting-st-louisThe same goes for Meta Tags and Meta Descriptions. While not NEARLY as much weight is placed on them anymore as there was years ago - it is a major no-no to copy these...even if you flip them around in different orders. A lot of people think (mostly the folks who still mistakenly think meta info in the HEAD tags is enough to get you to a good SEO rank and be done with it) "I'll find another site in my industry that's ranking well, steal copy THEIR meta-tags, and voila, I'll be above the fold on the front page of Google next time I'm indexed!" Not so...Google will see you as a thief trying to manipulate their system and will most likely ban your domain for all time. So just on the subject of duplicate content alone, most will want to walk the straight and narrow and write original content.
It's very important to realize the key things that the major search engines reward and implement them regularly.
  • Original content written from scratch
  • Fresh content that is added on a regular basis - add to your site content or blog monthly, weekly or DAILY if you can
  • Relevant content. Make SURE that the majority of the content in your site is related to the search terms you've optimized for
  • Authoritative content. Having some experience in your industry, writing about it, and being mentioned or backlinked from other sites let's Google know you're a link worthy of sending their surfers to.

In summation - Google, as much as they get a bad wrap for being a monopoly, in the end reward websites that deliver one simple thing, the absolute best information based on what the Google'r is seeking out.

green check mark bullet pointNew Web Builds Using A Content Management System (CMS) Websites = Flexible Layout & Design -

The smartest way to go for any St. Louis business website in terms of structure, ease of use, and quick flexible changes is to use a content management system, also known as a CMS. There are many to choose from including Drupal and the ever popular Wordpress but for the most bang for your buck, 6 String Creations has switched over to using Joomla! for 100% of it's new web builds and website redesign jobs in St. Louis. While we will still negotiate a build in straight HTML or another platform, switching over to Joomla! exclusively has given the most effective results in terms of not just flexibility in design, but SEO success for Saint Louis small business websites.
Using a content management system, your content is quickly deployed, easily managed, and entire sections and blocks of the page can be moves, shifted, and reassigned to other positions geotours travel website designon other pages literally in less than a minute. You can change one page or a few hundred in the same span of time. Possibly the most well liked feature of using a CMS is the fact that, while 6 String Creations is happy to take care of all of your website updates, if you ever have a need to make a quick change yourself in lightning fast time, you can do so with absolutely zero web design or HTML experience.  Most likely if you can navigate your way through simple tasks like creating a Word .Doc or doing simple things in Microsoft Paint, then you can make simple changes on a CMS framework in minutes with a simple administrative login, giving you free access to edit your new website design.