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Written by 6 String Creations.

Website design is the first in many steps of successful online marketing. There are several places to look for affordable web designer in Saint Louis, Mo. But there is a much bigger picture than just building a website and expecting instant traffic and leads. Your website in this day and age is only one facet of online marketing for your small business. As with the many methods of offline advertising, such as TV commercials, billboards, yellow pages, print ads, newspaper spots, and more, online advertising has many avenues as well. You must have a commitment to social media advertising, making sure you take advantage of reviews on local business listings, generate fresh regular content to your website, write blogs regularly, and more. Let's cover some of the different avenues of how 6 String Creations St. Louis Web Design and Marketing aim to make your small business online advertising a success.

check mark bullet pointAffordable, Creative Website Design -

affordable-st-louis-web-designerThe first and possibly most crucial step of your online marketing strategy. The entire process begins and hinges around your website. If your website is going to be effective in marketing your St. Louis business online, then it must be informative, content rich, search engine friendly, and of course, LOOK GREAT to keep visitors engaged after they land on it. Find out more about our Saint Louis Web Design for small businesses HERE.
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check mark bullet pointSocial Media Marketing -

Social-Media-marketingMany think that social media is only for the younger generations and cannot effectively help generate leads, traffic, and new customers. This is a major misconception on the part of many businesses. One good example would be companies in the service industry. Many St. Louis business owners wishing to promote online feel that the service they provide just isn't flashy or engaging enough to warrant taking advantage of all that the different social networks truly have to offer. There is room for every business to grow from social media marketing (SMM) and there are FAR more outlets to choose from than just Facebook and Twitter. What's even more important is to use a company who knows how to use the social networks PROPERLY and not just posting furiously and blindly with the possibility of alienating your followers. Find out more about how 6 String Creations can integrate a successful social media plan for you HERE.

check mark bullet pointOnline Local Business Listings -

local-business-listing-marketingIf you've used the major search engines lately you've likely seen that the upper portion of the search results on the screen are no longer comprised of the top ranking results in sequencial order. They're still there just further down. Try this...go to Google and type in "credit union st. louis" . Look what you see at the top. Now necessarily the top search results....but a list of credit unions with lettered map pins to the right of them, a ratings system under the business description, and then a map to the right of the screen with their location. How did these businesses manage to jump on top of even the top ranked search results for FREE? Simple, they are registered with the major online local business listings, they have many positive reviews with them, and the listings MOST IMPORTANTLY are put together well, and thoughtfully. They are done with almost as much care and content as the business website itself! We can set these up for you. To find out how they work more in depth and see working examples of how these lsitings will further your local online marketing, CLICK HERE.

check mark bullet pointSearch Engine Optimization | Search Engine Marketing (SEO - SEM) -

seo-search-engine-optimization-and-marketingIt seems everyone wants to know the answers to the most well kept secret in the world of website and online marketing. The most common questions being, "How to get on the first page of Google." "How do I get top search engine rankings for my St. Louis business?" While aswe've discussed in the items above, this is not the ONLY way to market your business online, it is still probably the most important factor. When people search the major search engines for a service, how will they find you above your competitors. You have to ask a few questions, first. Are you willing to constantly maintain and monitor progress? Are you willing to continually generate fresh relevant content to make search engines notice you? Are you realizing that to get the results you desire, it will be an ongoing process? If so, then let's read some more to learn how 6 String Creations can help you achieve top search engine rankings with your website design. CLICK HERE.