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Pay Per Click Marketing | PPC Management

Written by 6 String Creations.

pay-per-click-ppcPay Per Click Marketing is often times the best way for a business to jump-start their traffic online. 6 String Creations fights to help you climb the ranks in the search engines to a point where leads are abundant and sustainable. But, if you are only just beginning your web marketing journey, it can be a slow climb. So what to do in the interem? PPC - known also as Pay Per Click Campaigns give you a serious head start. The theory being, we create you an account on the major search engine you are looking to rank well on, generally Google, and we place a "bid" on how much it is worth to you to have someone click on a featured link for a specific keyword that relates to your business. As long as the bid is competitive, this gets your link seen immediately and the people who click on it hopefully convert to a paying client. This is a strong and recommended alternative to waiting out the steady climb to excellent rankings over the months that it takes. No one likes to have to buy clicks, but if your site is optimized well and creates a good user experience viewing it, with a clear call to action to contact you as soon as they hit the site, your ROI (return on investment) for the price of that click quickly becomes an incredibly wise investment.

green checkmark bullet pointPay Per Click Campaign Management

The eventual goal of our process is to gradually scale down your PPC campaign as your organic results climb. The theory being as you climb the ranks of the major search engines organically, we won't have to throw as much money behind the pay per click marketing and management. google-adwordsYou save money and the results invested in the initial development start to pay off. Before this can happen however, we are able to sit down with you and come up with a strong plan to optimize certain keywords and search terms worthy of your marketing dollars. If you sell for example lawn mowers, and there are "X" number of local competitors selling them as well all with PPC campaign strategies of their own, then we have to critically think of a list of keywords that will drive you the most quality traffic when searched for by consumers, formulate a budget that will be affordable for your business per month to spend on these initial clicks, and manage the campaign by looking at day to day click through trends, and determine month to month what your ROI is from these campaigns. You will always be given access to this data, and we will learn from it month to month. As previously stated, the end goal is to eventually scale back the PPC budget that you're spending if not do away with it entirely.

green checkmark bullet pointEvent Based PPC Marketing

Many businesses have events, sales drives, yearly extravaganzas, etc. Possibly you've invested some rare budget allocation to a print advertising blast, radio spots or TV commercials for a particular sale. How can you capitalize on the online? We would set up a campaign for you directly focused on the event at hand and create a PPC campaign dedicated to it. The following steps could be taken.
  • campaign-announcementA landing page would be created specifically for the event.
  • This landing page would have all PPC traffic funneled to it.
  • To be sure the campaign is paying off, a trackable phone number purchased solely for the campain would be applied to the landing page.
  • A special contact form would be set up and directed to your email letting you know it is from the event based landing page.

With these easy to implement steps, you can manage your major events, push PPC dollars behind them, and fuel some serious traffic otherwise not available to businesses not implementing a good online marketing strategy. Call 6 String Creations today and lets discuss a plan in Pay Per Click Advertising that pays off for you!