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Company Branding For Your St. Louis Business

Written by 6 String Creations.

Company Branding for your business requires many considerations to be made before you can hope to acheive an attractive eye-catching layout for a successful Saint Louis Website. You have to take several things into consideration such as your product or service, making your branding reflect well in the design, and tying it all together in an eye pleasing manner that makes the website viewer want to stay, and more importantly, buy your product, service, or convert to a customer. Here are some of the most important things to consider when designing the visual flow of your unique website design and layout and how brand recognition ties into it.


Creative Company Branding For St. Louis Business Brand Recognition

Brand recognition is more than a popular buzz-term used to new and thriving businesses. It something all of us, believe it or not have recognized and been programmed to understand since we were kids. It is important that you not only develop a branding strategy that is memorable on your letterhead, billboards, and commercials, but one that can be used on your website as well with a sense of consistency.

macdonalds logo and company brandapple logo and company brandferarri logo and company brandpepsi logo and company brandstarbucks logo and company brand

Here is a good example or how the mind is pre-programmed to understand branding by color alone. Without words, mascots, or other clues. Try your hand at matching the the color scheme with the product or service numbered below.
  1. Burger or Mexican Food
  2. Toothpaste, Mouthwash or Fresh Breath Gum
  3. General Corporation
  4. Law Firm or Bank
  5. Nightclub
  6. Tire Shop or Auto Repair
  1. fresh color swatch
  2. automotive color swatch
  3. bank color swatch
  4. food industry color swatch
  5. nightclub color swatch
  6. corporate color swatch

green-check-markClick Here For The Answers!

1 = d - food
2 = a - fresh
3 = f -  corp
4 = c - bank
5 = e - club
6 = b - auto

Here are some famous local brands which the Saint Louis native is sure to recognize!

Anheuser-Busch-LogoBlueberry Hill company brandingsaint louis blues hockey corporate brandingSt. Louis Cardinals-Logo corporate brandingsaint louis rams football corporate brandfitz's root beer logo and brandgrants farm logo and brand recognition

If all of this information is simply too overwhelming, and you think properly creating a brand for your Saint Louis business website is too tall of a task, or perhaps too time consuming, then please call us. We're here to help market your St. Louis Online Business and drive traffic and leads to you NOW by creating brand recognition that fits you, looks sharp, and helps you get the most out of company branding!